Bay Tours Huatulco - Short and Full Day Trips Available!

Bay Tours in Huatulco Mexico

Would you like to go on a 7 bay tour in Huatulco? We offer all kind of boat trips in the Huatulco area! If you are short of time, we can take you on a trip of just 2 hours, and showing you just everything you need to see for sure! But we also offer half or full day trips, where you can visit up to 9 bays! What we do on your tour is absolutely up to you. We can go out to open waters and try to find dolphins and sea turtles, or you can snorkel at a virgin beach. Or we can try to catch some fishes and bring them to a fantastic beach restaurant, where thy will prepare your fish at your taste. In a full day trip, we can just do all of this together! Watch our video further down and get excited!

If you come to Huatulco, you definitely have to see the 9 beautiful bays that it is famous for. They are called Tangolunda Bay, Chahue Bay, Santa Cruz Bay, Conejos Bay, Maguey Bay, Cacaluta Bay, Organo Bay, Chachacual Bay (in the picture) and San Agustin Bay. Starting in Santa Cruz, we normally visit Tangolunda, Chahue and Conejos first. These are the bays at the Eastside of Santa Cruz, where you can have a look at the beautiful hotel zone and the most impressing luxury residentials of Huatulco.

After reaching Conejos bay, we will go out a little bit to find dolphins and sea turtles. During whale season, from December to march, we could even meet some whales if we are lucky. We will slowly head westwards until reaching Cacaluta Bay, a precious virgin beach, ideal for making a stop and swim or snorkel a little bit. If the sea is a little bit wild, we can also continue to Organo Bay, which is better protected and easier to land on the boat.

7 Bay Tour Huatulco - or even 9 Bay Tour if you want!

After an hour or two, we will continue to Maguey Bay, where we can have a delicious lunch in a restaurant at the beach. On all our bay tours, we bring fishing equipment with us, so you can try to catch your own fish and bring it to the restaurant, where they will prepare it for you. Once you are full, we will head back to the port at Santa Cruz. This tour is considered the 7 bay tour in Huatulco, and it takes normally about 5 hours to get it completed.

If you want to see all 9 bays of Huatulco, we can even go to San Agustin Bay! This is the one at the west end of the Huatulco area, and it has an absolutely gorgeous reef for snorkeling. This trip normally takes the whole day, but we are very flexible with our tours. Just tell us what you would like to do and we will fully adapt to your wishes.

Videos from our 7 Bay Tour Huatulco